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5 Adrenaline Summer Hikes You Should Go For

If you are a thrill seeker then read the below and start planning your next adventure. We have chosen to highlight this summer five locations where beauty meets adrenaline. The good news - travelling to each of them can be combined with a day or more on the seaside. So, without further ado, let the adventure begin!

Living on the edge

Steep slopes and sharp edges - welcome to Pirin Mountain in Bulgaria! For those who enjoy rocky and challenging trails that come with breathtaking views, Koncheto Saddle is a must. There is a touristic route from Yavorov Chalet that passes this exiting area and leads to Vihren and Banderitsa Chalets. A hiking trip through the saddle can be combined with hiking Vihren Peak (2 914 m.), Bulgaria's second and Balkans' third highest after Musala (2 925 m.) and Mytikas (2 917 m.). Koncheto is the lowest (2 810 m.) and the narrowest (up to 50 sm.) section of the Karst between the peaks Banski Suhodol and Kutelo II. It is about 150 m. long un-wooded, narrow and hard to pass saddle. Its north-eastern slopes descent almost vertically towards the circus of Banski suhodol. Its west-southern slopes, which form a 70 degree angle, slant towards the valley of Vlahinska River. Access for hikers was made easier by a steel rope. There is also a path along the south-eastern slopes of the saddle. Definitely a hike to remember! If you are looking for new horizons, go for that one. You will not regret it.

The Palace of Gods

Olympus - the mythological mountain, home of Greek Gods and theater of stormy divine adventures. Its highest peak Mytikas ( 2 918 m.), known in Greek Mythology as the Pantheon and a meeting place of all 12 Gods, now brings together travelers from all around the world, offering them a rush of adrenaline beautifully combined with a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean sea cost. The most popular route to the peak starts at Prionia and passes the Refuge A Spilios Agapitos (approximately 3 hours walk). From the Refuge to Mytikas it takes approximately another 3 hours. It should be noted that the final section of the route, from Skala Peak to Mytikas is quite challenging. You should follow the red marking on the rocks along the route called Kakoskala (bad steps), thus named due to the natural steps which lead to Mytikas. On your way back you can either stay again in the Refuge or go all the way down to the seaside and enjoy a day or more at the beach.

Symbol of a Nation


It is said that every “true” Slovenian should stand on the summit of Mount Triglav at least once in their life. Triglav Peak rises above the country at 2 864 m. and is not only the highest peak in Slovenia but a powerful national symbol. Nestled in the heart of the Julian Alps, Mount Triglav is undoubtedly a majestic place to be. If you have some experience in hiking and you are expecting scenic views, then go for the route from Blato Meadow (Seven Lakes). This is the longest way to ascend Triglav but it’s also a beautiful mountain trail. A via ferrata will lead you right to the summit of Triglav.

The Wall of the Walls


Rising a mighty 3 220 meters above sea level, Monte Civetta stands in the heart of the Dolomites - a designated UNESCO World Heritage site. Climbers refer to it as the “wall of walls”, the only one of its kind in the world with a vertical drop of over 1,000 metres and a length of 4 km. It is a highly coveted challenge among via ferrata and trekking enthusiasts all over the world. On the slopes of Monte Civetta, nestling between boulders and jagged rocks, is a small lake, Lake Coldai, which was formed in times gone by. The legend has it that it was home of a dragon with large wings, a long black tongue and fiery red flashing eyes. Seeing this mighty creature flying over the mountain was thought to be a sign for bad times. However, the dragon has not been spotted since ages... the inhabitants can rest easy! And hikers can push their limits without fears.

Fallowing the King's Footsteps


You are looking for a spectacular view point? Visit El Caminito del Rey in Spain, Malaga Mountains. The Gorge Desfiladero de los Gaitanes is a natural beauty spot, placed in the center of the province, between the towns of Alora, Antequera and Ardales. Between its steep and considerably high walls, the River Guadalhorce flows, after having passed through the reservoirs El Chorro (The Spurt), Guadalhorce, Guadalteba and Gaitanejo. The Gaitanes Gorge is a canyon, carved by the river Guadalhorce in the territory of Álora, which at some points is only 10 meters wide and 700 meters deep. The northern access to it is via Guadalhorce reservoirs and the southern is via El Chorro. The trail was opened by King Alfonso XIII in 1921. So if you want to go for a dizzy stroll, go to El Caminito del Rey - the pathway that used to be the most dangerous in the world.

Inspired? It's the peak of the summer. Go do something that will make you feel like flying. Adventures are out there - enjoy!

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