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Enjoying the Hike

Spring is already a fact and with the snow, starting to melt, more and more people

are heading towards their favorite hiking trails - alone. Below is our list of tips for the solo hikers out there.

If you are going solo in the mountain, it's a good idea to get to know how to use some of the safety apps that are available to download and install on your phone. A good app compatible both with iOS and Android is Mammut Safety. Check it out in the video below.

While we are on the safety side, let us remind you that listening to the nature is one of the most important tips for those hiking alone. Mountains thrive with wild animals and in spring they are usually hungry and accompanied by their little ones. It may not be the best idea to enjoy your favorite playlist while you are walking out there. Pay attention and listen to the sounds of your surroundings. It can save you a lot of trouble.

Statistics show that death in the mountains is most frequently caused by hypothermia. This is a condition of reduced body temperature and occurs when the body dissipate more heat than it absorbs. We recommend that you think of any means that you can use to send a signal in case you get lost or remain unprepared on the trail after sunset. People who hike alone have less time to react and are more likely to stress out. That is why preparation is a key to safety.

And last but not least, we want to draw your attention at packing a First Aid Kit - it is a must! Not only that it can help you in case of injury, but it can be used by you to help others. There are plenty of resources that provide detailed lists of the essentials in a First Aid Kit but the truth is that even the simplest one can make a huge difference.

So, plan, prepare and go out there! Adventures certainly await :)

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