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Vitosha, I care!

This is a permanent campaign that we maintain in relation to a piece of land in Vitosha mountain (Bulgaria) that we adopted in the autumn of 2017. It is a collaboration between Go-Go- Adventures and the administration of National Park Vitosha and aims to maintain the the adopted touristic trail in good condition. We organize various activities and with the help of volunteers we take care of this beautiful part of the mountain. You can read about the activities on the blog.

We care for this planet. It’s a wonderful place that give us mountains to climb, oceans to dive deeper and deeper, horizons to dream and broad fields to chase those dreams and make them come true.
That’s why our activities are planet friendly. We aim not only to promote adventure tourism and get more and more people out there but also to educate and bring awareness of what To Do and Not To Do when in the nature.
We believe that nature helps us find ways of recreation, healing and happiness and in this sense we need to treat it with love, care and respect. Our goal is to help keep the beauty of nature remains the same in the popular touristic places and make it blossom in those that are not well-known.
In order to follow that vision, we organize and conduct different activities together with the respective government authorities and our community. The most significant of them are featured here while the little but still important ones can be found on our blog

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