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Go-Go-Diaries Mount Vihren


After a series of contradictory weather forecasts for the last day in September, we can confirm - yes, there is snow at the mountain peaks, no, the sun didn't shine on us but there was really no wind plus - we got a bonus - fog! However, whatever the weather, when you find yourself in a group of so cool and determined people, every difficulty on your way suddenly starts to fell like an exciting adventure.

The best view comes after the hardest climb...if there is no fog!

The view from the top was amazing - as if we were walking on clouds. Few sun ryes tried to penetrate the robe of fog that covered mount Vihren but without any success. And in this stillness of time and place something very vivid came into the picture - the wild goats. It's astonishing how nature uncovers true feelings in people - true happiness, true admiration. To close the circle of joy with elements of balance and harmony, we visited Baikusheva Mura - the oldest coniferous tree in Bulgaria, aged 1300 years. It's always good to seek some wisdom in nature....

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